What's New?

2017 Summer CSA Program – FULL

We are now at capacity for our 2017 Summer CSA Program. We hope to have a Late Fall & Winter program again this year. Visit our website in October to view this program.

Planting Now in High Speed

We now have in the ground – sweet & sugar snap peas; regular, candy stripe and yellow beets; spinach; garlic; Italian parsley; green onions; yellow & red onions; cone-head cabbage; zucchini; swiss chard; green kale; early Irsh Cobbler & red Cheiftain potatoes. More to be plantedĀ  over the next weeks. Will keep you postedĀ  : […]

Started Planting

What’s been happening on the farm? Last November we planted garlic for this summer’s early August harvest. April 28th we planted sweet and snap peas for an early July Harvest. Today we are planting Italian parsley (seedlings) and dutch sets to produce green onions for a harvest starting mid June.  

Images of this year’s crops

SMELL THE ROOTS of your transplants / seedlings before you stick them in the ground. You will be surprised what images come to mind.

Storage Veggies

Well it has been a long season, without much winter weather. Veggies in storage starting to run low. I guess we will have to plant more for 2017, so we can keep everybody happy.

Time to Get to the Greenhouse

We should soon be seeding our scallion transplants; onions, leeks ans shallots.

The Itch for Spring is Turning into a Rash

What`s up with this weather. Lapses of 12 degrees C to -8- degrees C within a 24 to 36 hour period in February and again in March ! How long can a guy itch while waiting for spring. By the time spring gets here, I will have developed a rash.

Environmental Upgrades for Farmland in 2016

Approved for installing tree lines along Snyder`s Flats Road. This will create future windbreaks for field. Eventually they will deter wind erosion, dusting of field from road traffic and hold winters`snow on field for spring moisture.

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Farmgate Sales – Fall Season

We are open for farm-gate sales on Fridays & Saturdays during the fall season. Look for “Produce for Sale” signs on Sawmill Road & Snyder’s Flats Road. If signs are not up, we are not available . We look forward to having you drop in.